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Wednesday, January 16, 2013



I was browsing through Groupon Singapore one day and found this fantastic SGD15 for a SGD30 food voucher at a restaurant called BaliThai in Singapore. I’ve never been to the restaurant before but I know mommy loves Thai food so I bought two of such voucher coz I plan to treat a cousin of mine as well.

I went to two locations, one at Tampines Mall (with my cousin) and the other at Katong 112 (with my mom). I have to say I love the ambiance at Katong 112 much better. The restaurant was cozier, seats were more spacious and the service staff was definitely more attentive. There was never a moment when our glasses were empty!

All of us enjoyed the food very much. When mommy saw the Garoupa with Mango Salad, she found it a bit strange that the fish didn’t get come with any sauce. However after tasting the mango salad with the fish, she was very pleased.. lol! Anyway, here’s what we had. All in all, I had to pay an extra of about SGD20 for each occasion, a very worth purchase indeed. Mom is so pleased that she is planning our next meal for my next trip!

prawn cake

The prawn cake was just ok for me..

Garoupa with Mango Salad

The selling point for us here was the Mango Salad. It was fantastic with the fish

tom yam

Delicious Tom Yam

Fish Bali Style

I like the Snapper Bali Style though I much prefer the Garoupa..



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