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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last week because of the bad haze (as seen here from my balcony), we decided to try Tesco Home Delivery Service and avoid going out in the haze. As mentioned in my previous post, we found some items even cheaper than Giant. I checked out all their promotion items page and selected a few that I thought was really worthit. Then I went around to search for the items that we really needed like our instant coffee mix, tissue, some frozen times like hotdog and fries. potatoes, sour cream… you get the idea. All in all we ordered 24 items and the amount came to RM225.77 inclusive of delivery charge of RM10.

Ok here’s what I found while shopping with Tesco. Firstly before you go shopping, check that they cover delivery to your area. You would think that right? Well actually you’re right and wrong. When I first check, they didn’t deliver to my area and the areas they put up for the state was very generic but because I wanted to see what they offered, I signup a the site anyway.  So after signing up I started to fill up my profile and delivery address and that is where I found a more detailed list of addresses. I knew we had a Tesco nearby so I for one would not understand if they didn’t deliver to my area. I looked at my postcode and I couldn’t find my road at all, so I look at another postcode nearby, and nothing.. then I click on another postcode and there it was, MY road.. lol… so at this point, I was really getting excited.  I told A about it and the said.. GO SHOPPING LOVE.. hahahahha…

So I did! The check out process is really easy.

  1. You select your items and check out
  2. The next page that comes out will be the Book Your Delivery Slot. Here you choose what date and time you want them to deliver your item. I choose Wednesday 6-8pm. Then click on Checkout
  3. The next page will be to confirm your order and delivery date and time again and you’re done
  4. Payment will be made when they deliver your items to your doorstep and mode of payment is ONLY via credit card or debit card.
  5. Wait for your grocery to be delivered.


how to shop at Tesco

tesco home delivery

I should have taken the picture when the basket was full with my delivery..haha..

Here’s our groceries. You might see that there are items in blue and white bag. Those in the white bags that stuff that I ordered and in the blue are for substitute orders. That just means the stuff that I ordered was not available and they substitute it with something else. In my case it was potatoes. At this point if you do not agree with the substitute you don’t have to accept it and they will deduct the cost from your total bill.

tesco home delivery

Shopping at Tesco is simply, for lack of better word, AWESOME. You get to shop at your own home and the delivery comes to your front door. Here’s their info again:

Tesco Online Store

PS: I can’t find any info on whether there is any minimum order but I reckon since they charge RM10 for each order and they do deliver right up to your doorsteps, I reckon you might be ordering a lot right? Enjoy!



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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Me and Azwaj were extremely excited to know that Tesco eshop can deliver to our area. As we both hate to go out in this hazy condition, we decided what better time to try shopping at their site.

After checking some of the prices at the site, we found most of the item were sold at the same price at our regular store so we didn’t need any more coaxing for sure. We selected 24 items which amounts to RM225.85 (inclusive of RM10 delivery charge) and choose our delivery date which is tomorrow between 6-8pm. Payment will be made upon delivery of items.

Exciting right? I can’t wait to receive our items tomorrow and will update you on their services.




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