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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On my last trip back to Singapore in 2012, it wasn’t just to visit my mom or go to Universal Studio, it was also to attend my niece’s wedding. I always try to work around my trips whenever there is a relative’s wedding so that I can totally optimize my time when I do back back. This time around it was no different and although my coach ticket cost more for both trips (although there wasn’t anything special like Airhawk Seat or anything) due to the school holiday and the year end festivities, it was well worth the cost.

Anyway, I had fun at the wedding. Not only did I meet up with long lost relatives that I had not met in ages, I also get to eat wedding food. My cousin went all out for his only daughter’s wedding and although my plate here looks really meager with Nasi Minyak, Beef Rendang, Sweet Sour First and Fried Beehoon, I actually had rounds of food after this. I also had “Rojak”, Salad and on top of the dessert shown here, I also had “Bubur Hitam”! Oh my goodness! Good thing I was walking around a bit from table to table to meet up with my relatives otherwise I would have been too stuffed to walk to the bus stop afterwards.. lol!

Anyway.. enjoy the pictures.. Wished I had remember to take lots more picture but hey it was all about the company too right?!


Nasi Minyak





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