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Thursday, October 10, 2013

You may have heard of a healthy Mediterranean diet but you might not know much about it. It is a simple diet that consists of natural ingredients that appeal to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. If you are one who wants to enjoy the simple cuisine of Southern Europe, check out There are many restaurants who can offer you what you like, but you need to know what specifically you are looking for in your food selections.

What Is the Diet?

The people of Italy, Greece, and Spain have one of the healthiest diets of all the cultures on Earth. This is because of the types of natural foods that they eat. The diet consists of all sorts of fruits and vegetables, legumes, and unrefined cereals. Olive oil is the main fat ingredient and many people choose to dress their salads and other foods with it instead of butter or other types of salad dressings.

Fish consumption is high on the list. Red meat and other types of meat are used sparingly. The heavy use of grains and legumes provides most people with the appropriate portions of protein that people need for a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, dairy products are readily available, particularly cheese and yogurt.

Some Health Benefits

Dairy products include mostly cheese and yogurt, which are generally easier for humans to digest than straight milk, especially for those people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Yogurts contain enzymes that help digest food, so a person’s digestive system can run smoother and healthier. Using fish as one main source of protein is healthy because it is packed with omega-3 and healthy cholesterol, as opposed to the high fat content and bad cholesterol of red meat.

The main point of the Mediterranean diet is to enjoy the foods that Mother Nature has provided. She has given the Earth a variety of textures and flavors in her grains and fruits and vegetables. Natural oils and spices provide amazing flavor. These flavors are delicious, but sometimes it takes a great chef to inspire you with new ideas. Going out to eat is a great way to get inspiration. Check out for menu ideas and places to eat out.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

I love shopping online and if you read my post on here, you know that I got a great bargain on an online store. Much like food, there are so many things that you can get cheaper when you shop online. You can save on tons of items, from clothing to accessories, from cookware to exercise equipment and you can even shop for musical instrument and save on casio cdp-120 digital piano for instance.

Whatever you are looking for, it’s all online. You just need to know where to find the best bargain!



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