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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wanna know when to is the best time to eat certain food. Here’s some handy info to all. Enjoy

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

I can never re- find anything on facebook whenever I need it so instead of resharing this on Facebook, I’ll share it here instead. I think this is very informative. Stay in the pink of health with this color chart!

health colors



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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cooking and eating food is one of the most primal activities in which a human being can engage. Anyone can cook as long as they have the desire. The more a person cooks, the more skill they build. You can discover new and exciting ways to entice the palate by searching for recipes online or by experimenting on your own. Going out to eat can be frustrating. Often times you receive a plate of food and taste it wondering why you didn’t  just cook your own food at home. The best tasting food is usually the most simply made. Many eateries have become more focused on profit than satisfied customers. Fortunately, there are still Boston Back Bay restaurants that focus on quality dining and whole ingredients.

Can They Prepare a Good Steak?

The ability to cook a delicious steak is a great way to test out the cooking skill of any person or fine dining establishment. Any meat eater will agree that cooking great steak is an art form that improves with practice. Some of the simpler recipes are the most delicious. Many restaurants make the mistake of doing too much or too little to their steaks. First, the meat should be of quality, properly aged, and butchered, harvested from a healthy animal. Secondly, the meat should be prepared for grilling by sprinkling sea salt on the meat and letting it warm to room temperature. Next, the grill should be heated before the meat is placed for cooking.

Equal Parts Skill, Instinct, and Magic

Cooking time will vary depending on how rare or well-done the steak is to be prepared. Always remember that steak will continue cooking even after it has been removed from the grill. There is nothing worse than having to send a good piece of meat back because it is well done when you asked for rare. Preparing a delicious steak is equal parts skill, instinct, and magic. Only an experienced chef or a great restaurant will be able to do this simple dish justice. Thankfully there are a few good Boston Back Bay restaurants left in the world.





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