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Saturday, May 9, 2020

One thing that I missed dreadfully is this dish that apparently is almost non-existent if not at all known in Malaysia. My mom used to always make sure to have this as one of the dishes she cooked for me each time I visit but since she is now living with me in KL, so you guessed it, no more “Sup Tulang Merah” for me.

However, recently Sharon, my bestie here in KL told me that she knows a place that sells the kind of “TULANG” that is needed for this dish and so after checking to make sure it is indeed the right one, we ordered 3 kilos of the “TULANG” and here is the dish a few hours later, just nice for break fast.

Sup Tulang Merah

If you have not tried this dish before, please make it a MUST HAVE DISH on your visit to Singapore. It is something for the bucket list ok.



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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I’m not sure what is the English word for this dish but all I can say is whatever it is called in any language, it is yummy! This one is cooked by my uncle who was nice enough to cook it for me on my last visit home to Singapore. Mom has asked me if I wanted her to cook this dish for me and of course I told her “YES” but it seems she didn’t have time to go to the market to get the materials for it so when she mentioned this to my uncle (who incidentally has a food stall at the hawker center near my home) he decided to cook for me instead!

Bistik Tulang

Good thing I wasn’t wearing any rings that day when I was enjoying this with bread or else it would be quite a challenge to look for gold wedding rings if it happens to get mixed up with the gravy.. lol!

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