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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Storage has always been a problem for me because easily said, I have way too much stuff. It does not helped of course that being a person that is obsessed with having stuff in it’s right place, I have boxes for things that are already in boxes just so I “know” that the same stuff is in the same place. OCD? Perhaps.. but that’s just me.

Recently Azwaj got to replace my 10 inch drawer slides for the second time this year because I was shoving in too many stuff in my drawer simply because that particular item “needs” to be in the same drawer because its other family is in!..  Anyway, let’s not have you imagined that and instead fill your brain with something more appealing.

Here’s you can see chicken noodle but instead of having it straight from the menu, my lovely cousin, Sherina, requested that the vendor used the chicken meant for chicken rice sold there as well and place a few pieces of fried wanton in the dish instead. It sounded so good when she ordered it that I asked her to order one for me too. The result? Simply delish! Good job dearie!



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