Sunday, December 27, 2015

I don’t know about you but boiling eggs to get to the 3/4 boiled level is not easy for me. It’s either 1/2 boiled or overboiled in which case it becomes hard boiled egg.

Anyway, during our condo’s family day event, I won this little gadget and was told it will help me with my egg boiling. Just boil water, add it to the gadget to the water level depending on how cooked you want your eggs, put in the eggs and leave it till the water runs from the top level to the bottom level of the container. Sounds too darn easy right? Well you betcha I was skeptical.

Anyway.. I decided to give it a try this morning for breakfast. I put two eggs in, poured hot boiling water to the 2nd level as stated on the container (there are three lines, so I am assuming the middle one would give me 3/4 boiled egg), and put the lid on. The moment the water was poured, the hot water started to drip through a tiny opening at the base of the top container so I guess it must be working right. Keeping the faith, I went to shower.

After about 15 minutes, I returned to find all the water had dripped from the top level to the bottom of the container. I took off the lid and took out the lukewarm eggs and cracked it open into a bowl.

OMG! Impressed I am. Check out the nicely 3/4 boiled eggs below. I am sold!

Told Azwaj about it and ask him to try it in case it was a fluke and he got the same results. Impressed we are.. lol


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