Thursday, June 27, 2013

So mommy was craving for some Malay that that wasn’t cooked by her and so we decided to give Hajjah Maimunah at Gelyang (Singapore) a try. This is place is very popular and always jam packed that most time me and mommy would just pass by and eat somewhere else. However since it was pretty early that Saturday afternoon, we decided to just join the queue and finally give it a go.

While I queued, mommy was already peeking and selecting the dishes she wants to try so by the time I was at the showcase, she was ready with her selection. You can see the spread we had but guess what the bill was only SGD26. I was really in awe. I mean the place was air con, the food was good and with that kind of prices, no wonder the place is always full!

A quick round up of what we had.. Ikan Siakap (Fish), Rendang Daging (Spicy Meat dish), Pucuk Ubi (Vege) and Brocolli with prawns. Yums.. I’m hungry now!


Here are the details of the place in case you are interested to try whenever you are in Singapore.



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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Me and Azwaj were extremely excited to know that Tesco eshop can deliver to our area. As we both hate to go out in this hazy condition, we decided what better time to try shopping at their site.

After checking some of the prices at the site, we found most of the item were sold at the same price at our regular store so we didn’t need any more coaxing for sure. We selected 24 items which amounts to RM225.85 (inclusive of RM10 delivery charge) and choose our delivery date which is tomorrow between 6-8pm. Payment will be made upon delivery of items.

Exciting right? I can’t wait to receive our items tomorrow and will update you on their services.




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Monday, June 10, 2013

As usual, whenever I go back to Singapore, me and mommy will always hangout at Coffee Bean at Parkway for her pure chocolate ice-blended fix and raspberry cheesecake. This time, however, mommy wanted to try their pasta as well and so since mommy always get what she wants, I ordered the chiken and mushroom fusilli for her to try… and she loved it!

We had a nice time for sure as we talked, laughed and watched as people check out the different brands of cigars available at the store just in front of where we were sitting. I just love quality time with mommy!

Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli
Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli



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Monday, June 3, 2013

I always love to do try something special with mommy dearest each time I go back to Singapore. This time around is no different and because I am always on the lookout for good bargains, I found this absolutely delightful voucher from Groupon Singapore. I got a SGD20 worth of voucher at the dessert place Andersen’s from Denmark for only SGD10!

So this is what we had.. It was delicious and mommy really enjoyed dipping the fruit in the chocoloate fondue :)



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