Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ok, if you know me and Azwaj, you know we don’t make a big fuss about birthdays or even wedding anniversaries. To us each day is special and we don’t have to wait for “special” days to go out and enjoy ourselves. That being said, sometimes what we do coincide with our so call special days and so we just call it such.

This particular offer I got while surfing Groupon Malaysia in March this year. And since March happens to be my birth month and our wedding anniversary month, I just mentioned it in passing to Azwaj and surprise surprise, my darling hubby who would normally pass on such offers ask me to get it and said.. “let’s make it our March event”.. lol . I guess the fact that that there is a Manhattan Fish Market branch nearby our home makes it all the more attractive. So the Groupon offer was for the package below and for RM49 nett  inclusive of taxes, I say it was really economical.

Anyway, can you believe we didn’t go in March? It was more like the last day of the offer which was 17 April to be exact, that we finally made our way to the Wangsa Walk branch. So that’s the story and now for the meal.. Enjoy the pictures.. and yeap it was a lot, we had to ask them to pack it away for us to bring home.. Yums!

manhattan fish market garlic herb mussels


manhattan fish market garden salad

manhattan fish market giant fried platter



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