Monday, April 15, 2013

So on my trip to Sarawak, there was three items that I really really really wanted to buy. First, it’s the Kek Lapis (I will blog about it later), Ikan Terubuk Masin (blog post coming as well) and the Gigantic Udang Galah… and here they are.

Because we were in a rush, the travel guide suggested that we pre-order the Terubuk Masin and the prawns and the supplier will pack them up nicely for us and send to the hotel for collection. The prawns was going at RM50 a kilo so I only ordered a kilo (I’m not rich you I only knew when I got home that there was only 5 huge and one medium size prawns in the nicely packed box.

Anyway, once cleaned, we decided that since the prawns were huge, we would cook them in two style. Azwaj would bake two of them and I would cook the remaining ones. Here are the results.. Yummy for sure! Ahhh.. if only we had those Royal Teak Collection Miami Teak Deep Seating Patio Chair from around, we will surely feel like we are on holiday as we enjoy these succulent prawns!

Bon appetit!

Prawns in Coconut Gravy: Cooked by LadyJava

Baked Prawns: Cooked by Azwaj



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