Sunday, December 9, 2012

So I’ve written about The Majestic Hotel Grand Opening itself, let’s now blog about the food served that evening. I will break this post up into three parts since it was several courses ;)

Let me first say how beautifully decorated the ballroom was. I just love the table setup as you can see below.

Ballroom setup

When we arrived and seated at our table, The Classic Prawn Cocktail made of fresh shredded lettuce, chopped cucumber and spicy cocktail sauce was already waiting for us on the dining table. Yums! It was really delish!

classic prawn cocktail

The Classic Prawn Cocktail

This was closely followed by the Mulligatawny, a spiced peppery broth made of Indian spices and lentils. This tasted a little like “Soto” the thicker version.



Next post… Main dishes..



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