Thursday, November 22, 2012

I have been raving about my new Halogen Oven to all my friends. It is the best buy for my kitchen so far this year from Groupon. The Halogen Oven claims to roast, grills, steam, bake and even fries and we can’t wait to see if their claims were true.

the halogen oven

Immediately upon getting our order delivered, Azwaj decided to try it out and purchase lambs to grill. Normally he would pan-grilled our lambs after marinating for one night but to see see if this oven really works, we decided to skip the marinating part and go straight to grilling. Azwaj made the marinate and just laced it on the lamb. We followed placed the lamb on both decks, turn the knob to 250degrees and turn the timer for 30minutes.

full oven

We were very excited to see the results. If before Azwaj would have to stand by the stove turning two lambs pieces at one time and taking care that the lamb don’t burn on the stove, now we placed ALL the lamb and waited for it to cook.

After 3ominutes… beautifully cooked grilled lamb that the both of us can enjoy at one go! Awesome!

beautiful grilled lamb



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